Meet The Trainer
Kenny Pedigo
  • Attended college at Barton County Community College & Emporia State U.
  • I got started in fitness and health by winning a contest for a free membership at a local gym.  I went every day and fell in love with the concept of training and that I am in control of my body and can transform it into the shape I want. Being a geek, I turned myself into a well respected, well-liked mentor for a lot of my family and friends
  • I got into personal training for the simple fact normal everyday people making an honest living was being hustled by the Hollywood platforms. I wanted to change the image of the industry. 
  • health and fitness are for everyone. we all can LiveFit together
  • 25 years experience in training
  • Dietary and Nutrition Guidance
  • Primary Strength & Conditioning Coach for  Nico Hernandez
  • Train high school athletes

  Helping people live a healthier lifestyle is what gives me joy and a sense of fulfillment. You will learn to control your mind, so you can conquer your body. LiveFit Solutions is the trend never to end and will empower people to embrace optimum health.  Driven to become the leader in the industry by shattering the fad image of the fitness and nutrition industry, LiveFit Solutions will be the cutting edge leader in providing a unique fitness and wellness experience that will leave you wanting more. I walk the talk by being the example to my clients and living a healthier lifestyle by making fitness and nutrition choices that give me energy, keep me strong, and keep me free from disease. Coaching average, everyday people, working the 9-5 grind, with a hectic schedule, I will incorporate the importance to balance their new health and fitness lifestyle through encouragement and positive feedback. My clients will ensure an accountability to stay on track to reach their goals through simple and easy methods. LiveFit Solutions will be there to the end.
Mission Statement

To coach the world to LiveFit one person at a time. From corporate to individual goals, as your coach, I will motivate and mold you into a healthier, stronger, better, and happier you while having fun. Incorporating new exercises, with traditional exercises to maximize workout results without breaking your bank account. I will empower you to take your health to the next level by moving closer to the healthier person you want to be with expert nutrition awareness and knowledge. With an open mind and a positive attitude, your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs will be individualized to your goals and needs. LiveFit Solutions will invest in you and strive to exceed the expectations of what you want and need through a 100% commitment to give you my 100% best.